All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Real Estate Business


Why Barrios Realty Consultants?


Team support

The environment you're in will determine your success. Here we thrive on community involvement along with supporting one another. Some call it a team, we call you family! 


Built in Systems 

Never feel lost or unsure when it comes to  contracts. You have access to our custom built training library the breaks down the key elements of contract execution. Tips and techniques for your success. 


Sales & Marketing Training

A strong community is what sets us apart from other brokerages. You will have access to weekly Lunch and Learns, a calendar of events, and one on one Broker support. 


Personal CRM 

"The Fortune is in the Follow Up!" With our top of the line CRM you will have the ability to grow your relationships with whomever you come into contact with. Youll have your own business line, be able to establish drip campaigns and essentially run your follow up on "Auto Pilot" 


Keys to Your Success

Barrios Realty Consultants is focused on developing YOU as an agent and providing the support necessary for marketing, training and sales techniques. 


I'm Jessica Barrios

Listen, I know you've got what it takes. That's why I started Barrios Realty Consultants...To support you in achieving your real estate goals. And with the changing market conditions, agents are struggling out there. But that doesn't mean you can't win. That doesn't mean you can't create the business and life you want for yourself while having lots of FUN in the process. 

I created this program specifically for you to get the knowledge and guidance you need and to stay ahead of the curve with what's working and how to grow your business in today's market. 

I've dedicated my entire career to helping agents just like you beat the odds and find a way. And now I want to help you.

-Jessica Barrios

"Barrios Realty Consultants is hands down the best brokerage to work for. Jessica is not only an amazing mentor but she truly cares about your growth, knowledge, and success as a realtor. She goes above and beyond to make sure we have all the tools and resources to be the most successful agents in the Central Valley. Jessica Barrios and Barrios Realty Consultants is truly one of a kind."

- Olivia A

"Barrios Realty Consultants is not a just another brokerage to work for. They pride themselves on integrity and truly make you feel like family. The trainings they give are beneficial to realtors old and new. The one on one support is available instantly to answer any questions you may have. Did I forget to also mention the commission splits are beyond amazing! This brokerage is going places and I am so excited to be part of this team."

- Angela V

"I’ve been at other brokerages and when I made the decision to switch to Barrios Realty Consultants I knew immediately that I had found my home place. It has been nothing but the best! This broker provides all the tools that every Realtor must have! Constant one on one trainings, support and competitive commission splits. I simply love my broker, she’s awesome!"

- Edith J

Join a Brokerage where you will  develop your business, marketing, sales, systems and leaderhip!